Set of 3 Premium Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses



Why not add that extra bit of class to your drinks with our Himalayan salt shot glasses? Most people are familiar with having a pinch of salt with a shot of tequila, now it's much simpler and you can use it with any beverage you like. The whole point of the salt is to open the pores in your tongue to get the alcohol in your system quicker. You can also serve cocktail shots in them, mini margaritas and salty dogs for instance.

And that’s not all that our salt shot glasses are ideal for, desserts are also another great use for them salted caramel recipes & rich ice-cream shooters being great examples!

Easy to clean, just rinse and use again, but don't put it in your dishwasher or you won't get it back again!


Brand Saltan
Condition New
Weight 0.585kg