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Sole (pronounced So­lay) is water with so much natural salt dissolved in it, that it is said to be saturated. This means that no more salt will dissolve in it. The term Sole, is derived from the Latin word "Sol" which means Sun.

Once Sole has been made, it can be stored indefinitely, and diluted for use as a drink for health and vitality, or for inhalation to relieve sinus or respiratory problems, or to apply topically to abrasions or the eyes. Essentially it's a non­-toxic anti­-microbial agent that doubles up as a nutritional supplement (thanks to the high mineral content of Himalayan Pink Salt).
The drinking of a salt solution has been used as a remedy for centuries, and is backed up by scientifically supported evidence, as well as anecdotal evidence for the following uses:
Helps Hydration
Helps the Body Detoxify
Boosts Energy
Improving Digestion
Improving blood sugar
A Natural Anti­histamine
Helps with Muscle Cramps
Healthy Veins
Blood Pressure
Weight Loss
Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails

How to make Sole:
1) Fill a jar about a quarter the way up with sole rocks, fill the rest of the jar with water (preferably purified).
2) After 24 hours, check the Sole to see how much has dissolved. If all the rocks have dissolved, then add some more and leave for another 24 hours. If you still see rocks, then your solution is saturated and ready to use.
3) For making Sole into a drink, add 5ml (the equivalent of teaspoon) of your solution to a large glass of water (around 70cl), preferably drink on an empty stomach. Don’t use metal lids & implements with sole as metal reacts with salt water & may contaminate your solution.

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