Premium Himalayan Salt Leaf shaped Soap bar



Himalayan salt bars have many uses and come in the shape of a bar of soap with a smooth surface. The salt naturally wipes out the bacteria which cause body odour. The Himalayan salt bar can be used to wash hands, as a deodorant and to treat skin conditions. The salt bar is a great natural antibacterial alternative for those people who are sensitive or allergic to regular soap. As a deodorant, it is free of aluminium and parabens. Always store your Himalayan salt soap bar somewhere dry, or it may become degraded by moisture.

Body odour occurs when bacteria come into contact with perspiration on the skin. Using a Himalayan salt bar eradicates the bacteria and prevents the smell. It is important to let the body perspire as it helps to regulate body temperature and allows for the excretion of toxins. Himalayan salt bars are made from ancient natural rock salt, which is hypoallergenic and contains no parabens or fragrance. Himalayan salt bars are not sticky, will not stain or leave white marks on clothes. Easy to use for both men and women and perfect for those suffering from sensitive skin, allergies, or if you just want a natural alternative to traditional deodorants.

For best use, wet the Himalayan salt bar and apply to clean skin after you have finished bathing. The bacteria levels on the skin will be at their lowest, maximising the effectiveness of the Himalayan salt bar. You can go through the day odour free, whilst allowing your body to naturally cool itself and sweat out toxins.


Brand Saltan
Condition New
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