Premium Himalayan Salt Candle Holder (1 free candle included)


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Pink Himalayan salt candle holders are cut from solid blocks of rock salt. A tea light candle is placed inside, and its light filters through the natural, unique pattern of colours in the crystal structure. This produces a beautiful ambient glow, which is uplifting and relaxing and adds a beautiful ambiance to an evening setting, or the perfect finishing touch to a romantic meal. These candle holders are not just for show, however. As a result of modern-day life, our environment is teeming with harmful positively charged ions, especially in enclosed environments. The causes for this are many, ranging from pollutants to electrical equipment, Wi-Fi and mobile phones which produce positive ions in the surrounding environment. 

A cheap and effective way of removing positive ions from your environment and a great meditation aid, also makes a  lovely compliment to one or more of our lamps.


Brand Saltan
Condition New
Weight 1.2kg