Premium Himalayan Salt 1-2mm Small Grain Saltan 950g Pouch - Food Grade



A slightly coarser grain than our fine salt, a perfect seasoning for those who are trying to reduce their overall salt intake. The larger grains have a much greater impact on the taste buds, packing a much bigger punch in the flavour department, so you don't need to add as much to your favourite foods.

Also good for finishing off a wide variety dishes from desserts, such as salted caramel, to savoury efforts like a good piece of bread or steak.

This exquisite gourmet salt is mined by hand from ancient deposits. The remnants of long dead seas, which dried up over 250 million years ago, seas free from pollution, the purity of which has been preserved in this unique tasty salt.

The beautiful colour of Himalayan pink salt comes from the high mineral content, most notably:

These essential minerals are often lacking in the modern diet, making Himalayan pink salt the cleanest, healthiest choice for your lifestyle.

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Brand Saltan
Condition New
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