8"x4"x1" High-Quality Himalayan Salt Tile/Slab



This block has many uses, for cooking and serving food. It can also be used for dry ageing beef and building walls as well as Interior design, Salt Therapy, spa and Sauna.

If you are intending on building a salt wall, please Contact us directly.

The amazing seasoning potential of Himalayan Pink Salt has now been fused with the cooking and serving processes to bring you a revolutionary piece of food technology. Saltan Himalayan Pink Salt slabs are hand carved from solid rock salt. Our slabs have a beautiful marble like appearance and are of the highest quality, you will find no better.
  • Used as a serving platter/plate, this slab of salt has an awe-inspiring presence on any table. Serve with cold meats, sliced tomatoes, smoked salmon or sushi and more. Needing only a wipe down with a wet cloth and wiped dry, our slabs will provide you with a very long period of use.
  • You can also use your slab for cooking, although once used for cooking you can't use it for serving again, as the structure of the salt changes. Himalayan pink salt slabs retain more heat than a cast iron pan, and evenly cooks your food leaving it deliciously seasoned. You can pretty much cook anything you want on our slabs (so long as you like it with salt). For best results use on a gas hob, or barbecue.
Himalayan Pink Salt bricks can be used for construction purposes as well:
  • Create walls to enhance the process of dry ageing beef and other meats, maintaining good humidity levels and reducing harmful microbes which cause spoilage. 
  • Build an attractive display for your home or office space, raising the ambiance​​​​​ of the decor.
  • Improve the effectiveness of salt therapy with a beautiful array of salt bricks.
  • Add a salt wall to a spa or sauna to perfect the experience. 


Brand Saltan
Condition New
Weight 1.8kg