2 x 950g Bags Saltan Lighter Pink Himalayan Salt Coarse (2-5mm)


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  • Lower insoluble mineral content and crisper taste.
  • The unique flavour has subtle earthy tones.
  • Suitable for everyday use.
For those culinary occasions which call for a larger grain of salt, such as gravalax and curing processes in general. Also great to put in your bath for a revitalising soak. This exquisite gourmet salt is mined by hand from ancient deposits. The remnants of long dead seas, which dried up over 250 million years ago; seas free from pollution, the purity of which has been preserved in this unique tasty salt.

The beautiful colour of Himalayan pink salt comes from the high mineral content, most notably:

These essential minerals are often lacking in the modern diet, making Himalayan pink salt the cleanest, healthiest choice for your lifestyle.

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Brand Saltan
Condition New
Weight 1.9kg